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Phoenix Poke Boats, Inc.

Poke Boat Blemished Sale


  We can be reached  at 1-606-965-2803.


POKE BOAT Blemished Sale

These boats are sound and ready for water, not used. They are blemished because they are discolored in some way.


Poke Boat Blemished Sale List



Poke Boat Fiberglass Qty. 2--$1,746.00 Available in 2-3 weeks ARO.


Maxi Poke Boat Fiberglass Qty. 2--$1,719.00 Available in 2-3 weeks ARO.


Poke Boat Kevlar Qty. 3--$1,790.00 Available in 2-3 weeks ARO.


Cascade Fiberglass Red/Red Qty. 1--$1,000.00 Available in 4 weeks ARO.


**Special Offer on Used/Repaired Boats**

Poke Boat Fiberglass Qty. 1-- Call for details

Poke Boat Kevlar Qty. 1—Call for details












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