The Micro Poke BoatŪ is the lightest and smallest of the Pokes -- able to fit inside the back of a pickup truck or van. No this is not just a toy or child's boat (although kids will really be able to carry and use this boat by themselves). We have maintained as many of the original Poke Boat'sŪ features, while shortening the length. While she tracks very well for her size, she will require more control than the full-sized Poke, and won't be quite as fast. But hey, if you're looking for lightweight, we've surely got what you want.

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7' 11"
14 1/2"
Weight: Fiberglass/Nylon 17 lbs.

Kevlar 14 lbs.
Draft@200 lbs:
Cockpit: Length/Width: 36"x20"
Capacity: Persons: 1

Weight: 200 lbs.
Price: Fiberglass/Nylon Call

Kevlar: Call
Standard Neutral Color NC
Color: Deck: Call

Hull: Call
Call for Details
Call for Details
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