What Makes The Poke BoatŪ So Good?

Huntin - 3 Ducks

When it comes to serious duck hunting, there are three basic requirements: a good gun, good positioning, and of course, ducks. As most hunters will testify, good positioning within gunning range is the toughest requirement.

Being aware of the hunter's needs, Phoenix has designed the Poke BoatŪ to enhance the vantage point on wary prospects. In otherwords, where there are ducks, the Poke BoatŪ will go. Only through the hightech engineering employed by Phoenix can so many important features be incorporated into one small boat for the duck hunter. The following distinctions are what makes the Poke BoatŪ so good.

The Duck Hunter Demands Versatility:


The Poke BoatŪ is responsive to that demand as certain required features engineered for the duck boat are also necessities for other outdoor sports!

Again, 22 lbs. for the Poke BoatŪ is the key. The lightweight feature greatly increases an outdoorsman's accessibility to launch and take the Poke BoatŪ when and where he wants.

The ability to easily hand carry or drag the Poke BoatŪ allows one to get away from the "crowd".

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