Blackjack® - A boat for all seasons!

We are continually improving our products: the Blackjack is actually a third generation design. So you know you're getting the benefit of lots of people's experience.

While designed primarily for the waterfowler, the Blackjack also incorporates several new features to accommodate the fisherman as well. In other words, this craft is a waterfowling boat designed with the fishermen in mind, instead of the usual fishing boat which has been converted for duckhunting.

We've slightly modified the combing area around the cockpit top to accommodate a pedestal seat base both fore and aft. The same area will also permit one to pole or sight-cast from an elevated situation. The hull design has been slightly modified from the traditional semi-V configuration to provide increased width at the transom, yielding greater stability and reduced draft. The lowered drag on the hull allows the Blackjack to perform quite nicely with an electric motor or gas outboard up to 25 horsepower.

The Blackjack includes collapsible blindspray dodger (Advantage® Wetlands™), matching motor cover, locking cockpit cover, two pedestal seats with bases and posts, running lights and a customized trailer with spare tire.

The Blackjack is constructed with fiberglass and marine-grade hardware throughout. Standard features include: lifting handles on the transom and deck, black tie-off cleat, towing ring, transom plate, self-draining cockpit and motor splashwell, and U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation. The hull and deck are finished with a textured surface to reduce incidental reflection to a minimum. It's available in OD green, though custom colors (gray or black) are also available at extra charge.


Bottom Style:
13' 2"
260 lbs.
Cockpit: Length/Width: 76"x34"
2 men
1 dog
+350 lbs.

Measured Speed: 572 lbs. 35.5 mph @ 5950 rpm

752 lbs. 33.0 mph @ 5650 rpm
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