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The Poke Boat® It's Everything a Canoe/Kayak Isn't!

When it comes to serious duck hunting, there are three basic requirements: a good gun, good positioning, and of course, ducks.  As most hunters will testify, good positioning within gunning range is the toughest requirement.

Being aware of the hunters needs, Phoenix has designed the Poke Boat® to enhance the vantage point on wary prospects.  In other words, where there are ducks, the Poke Boat® will go!

The Poke Boat® has been designed in the tradition of the classic sneak boat.

It can be used with far more confidence than a canoe on marsh, rivers, and open water.  The deep V bow and stern allows excellent tracking, but it is the light weight that makes the Poke Boat® the alternative choice of duck hunters throughout North America, along with game biologists, wardens and wildlife photographers.

What makes the Poke Boat® a great duck hunting boat?


Whether it is waterfowling, fishing with the kids, or a day of "poking" around.  The Poke Boat® will do it all and it weighs just 22 lbs! (depending on model).


The Phoenix Poke Boat®: Lightweight, Stable, Durable, Versatile and Maneuverable!

It's Everything a Canoe/Kayak Isn't!

The Duck Hunter Package includes: Full Advantage® Wetlands Camouflage, Footrests, Flotation Bags, Convertible Paddle, Spray Skirt, Travel Cover and Shotgun Shell Holder.




Phoenix Poke Boats, Inc.

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