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Phoenix Poke Boats, Inc.®

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The lightest, most stable line of boats in the world start at only 12 pounds!

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The Poke Boat® is the boat for people who are afraid of kayaks and feel even a canoe is on the tippy side.




The Micro Poke Boat® is the lightest and smallest of the Pokes--able to fit inside the back of a pickup truck or van.


The Maxi Poke Boat® is ideal for larger people, or for those who wish to kneel (especially for fly fishing).




The Vagabond®, a two person boat, is in the tradition of European touring canoes and is most at home gliding on open oceans, lakes, streams, or marshes.




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The Maxi Poke Boat II® is ideal for people looking for even more room than the Vagabond and incredible stability.


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Phoenix Poke Boats, Inc.

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