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The Cascade® This quintessential Phoenix kayak has a V bow and stern which contribute speed and tracking. Rounded sides permit body balance turns. Large volume makes room for big people and gear, and add buoyancy. A veteran of whitewater expeditions and TV films, this is a wise choice for beginners who want to do some flat water. And for those of us who are slightly over the hill and can use all the help we can get paddling through Class III/IV and some V rapids, it's a great design.


13' 2"
24 1/2"
27 lbs.
Cockpit: Length/Width: 30"x17"
Capacity: Persons: 1

Weight: 300 lbs.
Price: Fiberglass/Nylon Call
Standard Neutral Color NC
Color: Deck: Call

Hull: Call
Call for Details


Phoenix Poke Boats, Inc.

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